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What do you mean by "REAL" barbecue?

We believe the word "barbecue" often gets misused or confused with "grilling". A lot of folks refer to grilled burgers, chicken or hot dogs as barbecue or BBQ. Technically barbecuing is referring to the process of cooking meat at low temperatures (about 225 degrees) for many hours with indirect heat provided by burning hardwood. We cook our barbecue the authentic way for up to 14 hours to allow the meat to become tender and full of rich smoky flavor. Real barbecue means were committed to doing it the old school way. No short cuts and no nonsense, just REAL barbecue.

Do you really sell out of food?

Yes, we make everything fresh every day. That includes our sides! Because real barbecue takes many hours to prepare our menu is served on a first come, first served basis. Some folks might assume we are not making enough food when we sell out of an item early, but it is not that simple. Each day we prepare an average of 600 lbs. of meat. We encourage our customers to come as close to opening as possible to have the entire menu available to them. To see what items are sold out for the day simply visit this website designed to work great on your mobile devices too! All items are updated in real time!

Can I call and order ahead?

At this time you cannot call ahead. To be fair to customers who often wait in line we have a "no call ahead" policy. If you would like to pre-order food we ask that you come by the restaurant to do so. In order to serve the highest quality food possible we do not cut the meat ahead of pick-up time. If you have pre-paid for an order please come through the line to pick up your order.

Do you cater?

Yes! We regularly cater for business lunches, wedding, family events, etc. When catering with Porter's your food will be packaged conveniently to be set out for guest to self serve. Catering orders are for a minimum order of 15 guests. For a personalized catering quote please inquire via the catering tab of our website or call us.

What menu items are gluten free?

The majority of our menu is gluten free. This includes: all of the meats, all of the sauces, baked beans, pickles, coleslaw, and jalapeno poppers. However, we cannot guarantee our gluten free menu items will not come in contact with other menu items that contain gluten.