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About Us

Porter’s Real Barbecue

At Porter’s Real Barbecue we refuse to serve anything other than REAL, fresh barbecue. This means all of our meats are cooked up to 14 hours and our sides are made fresh daily. That means that we regularly sell out of menu items, so check back here often. Life is too short…eat REAL barbecue.

From humble beginnings as a Food Truck

When Porter moved back home to the Tri-Cities in 2009, he brought back two things from South Carolina: his wife Kate and a passion for authentic barbecue. Porter and Kate spent the next few years searching the Pacific Northwest, unable to find anything that lived up to the great barbecue they had in the Deep South. Porter became obsessed with mastering the art. After five years of experimentation and practice, family, friends and co-workers began requesting that Porter make his barbecue for their events. It wasn’t long before his personal passion became his mission – to bring REAL barbecue to the people of the Pacific Northwest.

To Selling 150 lbs. of barbecue in hours

Hoping to get at least ten customers a day, to start, they were humbled to see a line of more than thirty people on that first day of business. By day three, the crowds had grown so large that they were selling out of everything Porter could make (150 lbs of barbecue!) within a few hours. They even won a People’s Choice award as one of the best food trucks in the Tri-Cities! Customers didn’t stop coming, so in March of 2015 they signed a lease agreement for a building at the Richland Parkway, and in June that same year opened the doors of their new restaurant to customers.

Porter's REAL BBQ First Brick and Mortar Location