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We Asked Porter What Makes "Real" Barbecue:

Dedication to Craft

"Our team is working all hours of the day and night because briskets and pork shoulders don’t care how much sleep we get. There’s a small window in an often 14-hour cooking process where that brisket is at the perfect crossroads of juicy and tender. Getting that right day in and out hundreds of times every single day across all the proteins on our menu is where the hard work and dedication come in."

Hardworking Team

"We’ve developed a good system and my team is the best. When folks come in to eat, I hope they’ll keep in mind, and it’s no exaggeration to say, that we’ve been working diligently for days to make your meal. Not a lot of restaurants are crazy enough to dedicate 24 hours or more of labor to make a sandwich. That’s the beauty of real barbecue though. When you eat it, you’ll understand."

Quality Ingredients

"We’re also proud to use and support quality brands such as Certified Angus Beef and Tillamook in our recipes. At the end of the day, we’re huge barbecue fans ourselves. We do this for the customer and because we love it!"

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